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On this page I'll include links to related sites. If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites! The Offical Webpage for " Les Miserables" which Stephanie was in both the U.S National Tour and Broadway! If you click on Multimedia, the click on picture Op!There will be all kinds of Actors/Actress names click on Stephanie Mieko Cohen and you can see a picture of her as Young Cosette! You can also see pictures of Christiana Anbri as Y.C, Jill Schackner as Y.C and Stephen Scarpulla as Gavroche! Jill Schackner is currently playing "Young Cosette/ Young Eponine" in Broadway's "Les Miserables". Stephanie was in the cast with Jill during Stephanie's Broadway Run! Also one of Stephanie's good friends.


Stephen is currently playing "Gavroche" in Broadway's "Les Miserables". Stephen was one of Stephanie's cast members when she was in "Les Miserables" also one of Stephanie's friends!

The Offical Website for Christiana Anbri! Christiana is currently Young Cosette/Young Eponine in Broadway's "Les Miserables! Christiana and Stephanie were both in the cast together during Stephanie's Broadway Run! Also, Stephanie and Christiana are very good friends!